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Maryellen 1955

american-girl_-story_-maryellen-1955Our children, in their late teens and a couple already 20, still enjoy the occasional juvenile movie. It might be because they came from orphanage backgrounds and lost out on some of their childhood. It could be because kids’ movies often have to do with families and this fascinates them. We came across a cute one the other day.

This 2016 family-drama film is entitled, “An American Girl Story – Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas” and available via online streaming from Amazon. The storyline features one preteen Maryellen, who lives in Daytona Beach, Florida, and always seems to be maryellendoing the wrong thing. From wanting to wear pants to trying to help with unsolicited home decorating that turns disastrous, Maryellen observes everyone else’s life cruising along comfortably, while her own jerks along and sputters.

A polio survivor herself, her earlier sufferings pale in comparison to a friend who comes to stay with the family and get treatment at the nearby hospital. There, when visiting the boy, Maryellen comes into contact with other juvenile polio patients and gets an idea for doing something meaningful for their Christmas.



That’s where plans start to hatch and she learns that she does have talent to share, after all.

Without spoiling it for you, suffice it to say that the storyline is very sweet and causes one to consider: what is Christmas and what is our responsibility to our fellow human beings? At just under an hour in length, it’s an easy diversion and lighthearted family viewing.


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