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Mashenka’s 18th Birthday

thThis is not how I wanted it to go down. Let me say that. Let me repeat that. Unfortunate things happened and I could not be there, despite my best efforts. It was Mashenka’s 18th birthday and I was going to be MIA.

Not good. Like it or not, everything revolved around me: I would organize a theme, bake and decorate the cake, buy all the presents, as well as provide the fun and frivolity necessary. Benedetto would sometimes wrap gifts, as well as hide them, which for some reason had now become a family tradition for the kids.

Now that she’s more mature, Mashenka did the intelligent thing and postponed thher birthday until we could all be together again. And so I wrote her an e-mail, along with attachments of a couple of photos. Here are a few excerpts of what I wrote:

Dear Mashenka,

Thank you for waiting to celebrate your special 18th birthday with me! You know I can’t wait and will have special things prepared for you! Already I see in the picture you sent today that you are approaching middle age, so we’d better hurry and get this show on the road….

lipton-hot-tea-black-181925I remember when I first came to visit you. I had laryngitis and didn’t feel well, but I knew that I was led to come to you on this journey. You were kind enough to take me down the hall, finding a special tea cup and leading me to the sinks to soothe my sore throat. You must have known that there were tea parties yet to come!

And now you have been growing up into a beautiful (inside and out) young woman. You are a leader and we are so proud of you. Always know that Lord is by your side to lead and guide into great paths… and I am, too! You can’t get rid of me….

Do you remember the green doors at the Internat? They had a gap between the two of them. I believe that prayers could doorcome in and dreams could go out. As you walked through those doors, slipping through the cracks before Russia closed, a whole new world awaited. And it still does.

I’m glad I’m a part of your past and your future.

Love, Mama (your party planner person!)


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