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Maslenitsa Merrymaking 2014

SL381904sBlini, blini, and more blini.  Russians everywhere have been celebrating Mas’lenitsa during the past week.  Both a pagan and Orthodox Christian holiday, it includes eating lots of rich pancakes comprised of butter, milk, and eggs. 

Of course the American variety is thick and fluffy, and cakelike, whereas the Eastern European type is the lighter blini variety, symbolizing the round sun and the coming of spring either way.  The Russians lather theirs with jam or mushrooms, sour cream orrussia-maslenitsa-2009-2-24-12-4-11 caviar, not to mention butter and more butter.

At the end of the week, which will be Sunday, March 2nd, everyone greets one another by asking for forgiveness.  This purges the soul in a sense, and allows one to progress through the next seven weeks of Lent toward Easter.  During this time, the Orthodox do not eat meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs. 

thSounds like a sure way to become sweet and skinny….

But since Maslenitsa may also be called Cheese Week, I decided to make a cheescake just in case anyone felt like celebrating.  So maybe forget the skinny part.

There’s a straw effigy burned of Lady Maslenitsa, representing the passing away of winter, and many other traditions throughout the week, but when you’ve got blinchiki and cheesecake on the brain, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.

Happy Maslenitsa, everyone!



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