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Master Scheduler

scheduleHello, my name is Alexandra and I am a Master Scheduler, also known as a mother.  With almost four teens in the household (one joining the ranks in about six months), it’s all I can do to keep their calendars clear.

 Not as in empty-clear, but as in understandable-clear. 

 Simple blocks on a piece of paper, or spaces on a computer do not cut it.  We need flow charts, diagrams, who’s driving whom, who’s arriving when, along with name, rank, and serial number, ensuring, as well, that we’re all talking about the same calendar year and general city and country location.

 It can be a bit much at times, because, I have learned, most adults do not know how to keep a calendar any more.  It’s the coaches, tutors, and groups who play fast-and-easy with our set-in-stone schedule.

 No, we cannot reschedule, because that would throw the entire earth-as-we-know-it off its tilt.  Once we get going,schedule2 don’t throw any roadblocks in our way.

 Dateline:  Sunday afternoon.  I am away with my son for the archaeological field school in a rather remote location.  His tennis coach, who knows we will be gone for their regular Monday afternoon practice session, texts.  There is now a game scheduled for Monday afternoon/ evening.  Petya is a headliner on the list of players.

 We received permission to be away.  We checked and rechecked that he would not be needed on Friday nor on Monday.  Now, less than 24 hours in advance, a game is on the docket and my son is expected to be there.  He comes to me in a quandary.

 “Your coach knows all about what you’re doing and why you’re here.  We had to plan this months in advance.  If they’ve had to schedule something new, that’s their schedule, not ours,” I say gently.  “This is our commitment and I believe it’s best to keep our word.”

clipart-pencil-checklist “Call your father before you text the coach,” I add.

 The two men-folk discuss it and reach the same conclusion.  Our son texts the coach and asks that his name be removed from the list.  Currently, he is undefeated in singles and he doesn’t want to let down the team.  Yet… no can do….

 The coach remembers and removes his name.  No problem.  But we feel the urge to comply, while still holding to our obligations.

 Turns out that Monday is a very vital day in archaeology for many reasons.  I tell our son that I’m glad we’ve stayed and stuck to our word.  By mid-day, the coach texts again from another state, far away.

 Game cancelled due to rain.

 What if we had left to try to make it? 

 Do these things happen to your family, too?  Are last-minute changes, cancellations, and reschedulings normal in your neck of the woods?



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    Unfortunately yes. Eldest pee wee football team seems to be the worst. We will attend practice on Monday to find out that the Wednesday practice is being held 40 minutes away so they can practice with another team – there is not another team in their weight division in town – Of course tacking a fair drive on either end of a practice that already falls right in the middle of dinner time and it’s a nightmare. I also hate the idea of “play-offs” as that has the either / or thing going for it. If they win we play again Saturday, if they lose we are done for the season, this goes on for three weeks. I know it’s ugly to say but son’s team pretty much has stunk the last two years so playoffs haven’t really been an issue.

    Right now we are in a blissful season of no sports in the family. We go almost solid from August until March so I have banned little league baseball and any thing that eats up summer beyond a little camp or a session of swim lessons.

    This is just one kid active though, the youngest will start moving in his own circles soon, however he’s restricted from most sports by the Dr. but I guess we will find some sort of something for him because he needs his thing too.

    • avatar admin says:

      Ah, the blissful season of no sports in the family-! I can relate, Winnie. I’m so happy for our big guy’s wins, etc., and feel bad about even fleetingly thinking about possibly wanting him to lose, lol. For years, we avoided any kind of activity that was more than once/week. Well, I guess this should be our biggest problem, right?

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