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May Day in Moscow

Participants hold flags and banners during a Communist May Day rally in St. PetersburgThe older you get, the more things remain the same.

It’s certainly not true in my life, particularly as I passed my whatever-number-birthday yesterday. But long, long ago in Moscow, they used to have parades on May Day, which I always found humorous coming from a Russian-American family, as though they were marching in honor on me.

Since 1991, the year that Communism bit the dust, there has been no may-day-parade-moscowmilitary parade. For 23 years, no missiles and no soldiers marched through the streets.

Well, Comrade, that’s all changed.

800_rsdrsdbwkvlxxnzuyiq1hximlvvzfqnrSimilar to any country experiencing political unrest from within, a common outside enemy must be found. There it was, Crimea staring down the Kremlin.

And Putin struck. And many of his people are cheering, a pretty natural patriotic reaction. Hence, the parade.

So, Moscow’s mayor assured that it was not a return to Communist times, while denying a permit for the anti-Putin opposition forces to hold their own rally in a few days’ time. Sounds fairly same-old, same-old to me.

I think Moscow may be getting old….


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