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Me and My Gal Pals

Two young women enjoying a coffee breakFriends can literally make or break a person’s life. Sure, we’re all strong and semi- self-sufficient, but when push comes to shove, having a friend who cares makes all the difference.

The other night, my gal pals and I got together. Excitement, chatter, and lots of smiles prevailed. Some came straight from work, others brought along a baby or grandbaby who were cheery and well-behaved. A few had coffee, numbers more enjoyed dinner. Most of us changed our seats numerous times in order to talk and touch coffee-shop-woman2base with everyone.

Refreshing, I’d say. Uplifting.

It didn’t matter the subject matter. One had a preteen son with a high temperature at home and we prayed for him. Another had a son in his 30s facing some real challenges. Another spoke of a grown daughter’s accomplishments not only in her advanced schooling and career, but in taking a moral stand.

_41150219_cafe2We spoke of health and spirituality, of happiness and sale items. The cloud of terrorism and man’s inhumanity to man surfaced, along with talk of a friend who recently learned both of his elderly parents had been found dead at home in a distant state.

Was it foul play, suicide, natural causes? He and his wife flew there to sort things out.TEA AND HEALTH DEBATE

We took selfies and were there for one another. Some simply laughed, their lightheartedness positively affecting those facing serious issues of life.

On a hot and humid night, when both hair and sinuses might give one trouble, we had a lovely evening, choosing inside over the café tables outside.

Friendship and fellowship. I highly recommend it.


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