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Me and My Gym Buddies

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 21:  Australian Davis Cup squad memebrs (L to R) Matt Ebden, Marinko Matosevic and Peter Luczak run on treadmills during a Tennis Australia press conference at the Tennis Australia offices on December 21, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

I’m old enough to be their mother. Oh, actually, I am Petya’s mother…. And the others—well, I know their mothers, lol.

But rather than go to the gym with other middle-aged women, I make my way there once a week with these young guys. We meet around 9:30 pm with me staying for all of about 30 minutes, or two brisk miles on the treadmill. Over and out.

We laugh, we talk, we bring each other up-to-date on serious and funny issues, great and small. A gymcouple of the guys go to stretch, Petya and I hit the treadmills, some of them explain to me how to use the weight-lifting machine that moves my elbows from my sides to touch in front of me, making me feel like clapping seals. Hopefully, this will assist in the moveable parts of flapping skin under my upper arms. Then again, seals seem to be chubby, don’t they? So it’s not working for them, either….

Before you know it, my time is up. I wipe down my machine and head to the locker room, Waving goodnight to the guys, I purposefully stride past the boxes of free pizza and out into the night, stepping into the waiting car.

Health-ClubNot sure how much good a short exercise session like this does for my health, but just the idea of moving, of getting in another 4,000 or so steps is enough. After I’m gone, the guys go into heavy lifting, bench pressing, and Petya makes the acquaintance of any Eastern European guy in the environs, chatting easily in Russian.

It’s a fun part of my night and a little weird, but I’m glad they include me.


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