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Meaningful Family Meals

family dinnerBenedetto and I were raised in two different types of families. His felt that family meals were important events and did everything in their power to delay dinner until all of the kids came home. My family, on the other hand, came and went with an air of independence, while still enjoying most dinners together.

So when it comes to raising our kids, we try our hardest to make dining together special. No matter what conspires against us—inane conversation, eating like pigs, and appearing disheveled, we keep up the low-grade pressure to mold them into fine young ladies and gentlemen. All teens, some days it actually seems to work.

They come to the table prepared with appropriate topics of conversation, well-groomed, and pause upon occasion afterindex the 30th consecutive bite of food. I can practically hear the angels singing.

On our part, my husband and I make nutritious meals and use happy dishes whenever possible. We might use a tea pot and have a tea tasting with the kids savoring everything from Earl Grey to Irish Breakfast, pomegranate to mango flavors, just for fun and to broaden their horizons. Tea sandwiches cut into aee04cccc8b19c5a62e8c85ab3a46ad5tiny triangles with cucumbers and boursin, or butter and watercress. Or, it could be their tiny egg cups lifting up the soft-boiled eggs to star status. The small touches matter to them.

Our latest tableware for power breakfasts has a Russian flair. The 8dbe93608499bf93be37c88725533b6a“Babushka Plates & Mugs” feature matryoshka figures in red and blue. Perfect to hold a cup of yogurt, some cinnamon whole wheat toast, and a cup of warm cocoa on a chilly fall morning.

How do you make meals special for your family?


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