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Medical Surprises

I generally don’t like surprises, even with a “good” one, just tell me first and then I’ll act surprised, but don’t actually surprise me.  In terms of medical surprises I really don’t enjoy any “news” because it’s usually not good.

After a spinning class (that’s a stationary bicycle plus a whole lot of other moves that one normally doesn’t do on a bike), a leg began to swell.  It didn’t stop all day.  By night, my friend’s husband took her to the hospital.  A blood clot, found before it did any major damage.

They kept her days.  Then more days.  Ran more tests.  Then more tests.  What had caused the blood clot in her leg?

A fibroid tumor in her uterus.  A suggested hysterectomy.  An ordered hysterectomy.

My friend was the picture of health.  She felt fine, yet knew that the doctors had found something deep within.  Probably benign, but growing bigger.

She was a newlywed I guess we could say.  A bit too old for children, but having married later in life, well, maybe…?

Now that hope was shattered.

By the time the doctors were “ready” to operate, she had been in the hospital two weeks minus one day.  On the original date of surgery, the doctor had not felt well, then it was date after date cancelled because they were trying to squeeze her in.  She was going to make the change to another hospital, but then they decided not to discharge her, after all.

I don’t like medical surprises, not that the kind that are “expected” are any better.  They just sort of sweep in and take your breath away.  It was this time of year, six years ago, when we had another “surprise” and that was almost curtains.  I try not to remember mid-January and hold it against that time of year with any morbid thoughts, but I felt a pang of fear try to enter my heart when we walked the hospital corridors for our friend. In our case, the medical surprise turned into a medical miracle, minus the medicine part, though they tried to do all they could.

What about the almost two dozen people in Le Roy, NY, 15 of them teenagers, experiencing uncontrollable facial tics and verbal outbursts that are said to be conversion disorder, or mass hysteria?  Is there an environmental cause?  Is it a hoax?

No matter the 15 minutes of fame, I doubt that any teen or adult would want their perfectly good lives interrupted in such a way.  No, medical surprises were not great.

My friend had the hysterectomy yesterday.  Heal quickly, friend.



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    Yeah after 6 months straight of the only news coming out of Children’s hospital not being good news I’ve had enough “surprises” like that to last a lifetime.

    Hope your friend is up and about soon.

    • avatar admin says:

      Some days it’s rough, isn’t it, Winnie? When doctors talk about “trying” this or that, I know they’re doing their best, but…. Thanks for the well-wishes, she’s having a hard time walking on command after being sliced and diced. Praying that your news turns into good news a.s.a.p.!

      • avatar Winnie says:

        It is what it is. There’s not really anything to try it’s just a wait, watch and react approach which basically means expensive medical testing every year and anxiety about the future. If your friend had her ovaries removed as well she might do well for HRT at least for a short time. Instant menopause is very tough on the body – even more so than the natural kind – and of course crazy hormones don’t help the emotional state either.

        • avatar admin says:

          I’ve heard from someone else that they went through two menopauses, one in their 30s with the hysterectomy, and then another one when the “real” time came. Oy.

          I don’t like the idea of wait, watch, and react. I hope they find something helpful for your little guy! The uncertainty must be difficult, but I guess these kinds of things sort of force us to enjoy every day that we have when things are going well. Big hugs!

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