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Men Who Snore on Planes

bad-passengers-plane-snoring-232x158Alright, we know snoring happens.  Men snore, some women or children snore, dogs snore.  But, like a lot of other things in life, we don’t need it in public.  Keep it to yourself, your own litlle secret, okay?

For 13 hours on an international airline flight, I had to endure a nearby gentleman’s honking and snorting.  He basically drowned out the noise of the plane engines, with his own cacophonous brass band.  What to do?

My possible choices:

1.  Awaken him.  “Yo, dude, you’re embarrassing yourself and your entire gender!  Get a grip!”

2.  Ask the flight attendants to attend and intervene.  (They won’t, unless it’s causing bodily injury, which it might—namely, his—if he keeps it up.)

3.  Gently push on the back of his seat (he’s in front of me, Mr. 19F, you know who you are), increasing the pressure imagesuntil the seat breaks in half and he’s paralyzed or has whiplash for life.  (Can paralyzed people snore?  I mean, the immobilization is only from the neck down, right?)

4.  Bop him on his baseball-cap head.

I can’t believe I forgot my earplugs.  Headphones are just not the same….


(What did I do?  A modification of #3—using my “touch screen display” on the back of his head rest as my point of contact, lol.  Worked.)


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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    I feel ya. I was in Dr.’s waiting room the other day and the guy two seats over dosed off and was rattling the windows. I wanted to start throwing old magazines at him.

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