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Meriam Ibrahim in Danger Again

Meriam-Ibrahim-thumbImprisoned for her faith and refusing to convert from Christianity to Islam, Sudanese wife, mother, and medical doctor Meriam Ibrahim was released on Monday, her death sentence dropped, and she received South Sudanese and American travel papers to allow her to travel. Something was deemed wrong with the papers, and on Tuesday, at the airport ready to travel with her family, all of them were detained by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services and taken to prison.

Troubling are the reports that the security agents showed up 40-strong to take into custody the weakened Dr. Ibrahim, her wheelchair-bound American husband suffering from MS, Daniel Wani, and their two children. She could be sentenced up to seven years for trying to leave the country.

Yet another disturbing piece of the puzzle is the supposed Honour-Killinghalf-brother who arrived to the prison after Meriam had been released, furious that she had not been released to this family, instead of to her husband. The half-brother’s complaint centered on her religion, and that by being a Christian, the honor of the family had been tarnished.

Meriam_Ibrahim__1989207aRead between the lines. Have you ever heard of honor-killings?

Meriam Ibrahim’s life is in danger, now more than ever. We who live in the West enjoy freedom in order to help those who have none. Let your voice be heard.

Phone or e-mail as soon as possible and ask for her release: The Embassy of Sudan – 202-338-8565; The White House – 202-456-1111; The State Department – 202-647-4000.

Meriam, we continue to stand with you!


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Currently the brother claims that Meriam was kidnapped (by her husband and children?) upon release from prison. He maintains that she should be returned to them so that they may force her to return to Islam and that they “know how to deal with these kinds of situations”. He is a proponent of her hanging. Others say the family wants to take over her valuable businesses. She needs safe passage out of the country asap!

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