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Meriam Ibrahim’s Freedom Flight-!

Italy Mideast Sudan_Cham640We interrupt this day of stocks going down while the heat index goes up to bring some good news… Meriam Ibrahim, young Sudanese wife and mother imprisoned for her Christian faith… is now safe and sound on Italian soil. All we can say is “Bravo!” to the Italians and “Praise the Lord!” to the one who answers prayer.

Also, thank you to all friends near and far who wrote letters, called, and e-mailed on her behalf. You had a part to play in this miracle of mother, father, and two little ones making it out of a very repressive regime.

Details are still sketchy in a case where even her own Sudanese lawyer did not know how she was able to be whisked awayth on an Italian government plane. Good. He doesn’t need any headaches nor liability in the country that commanded her not to leave even after setting her free. Ibrahim’s family tried their hand in starting new legal actions to convict her again of apostasy.

Naturally, Benedetto is flying high to think that “his people” had a hand in this escape. And it makes sense in the fact that many North and East African countries were once under Italian control.

The Pope took time to personally meet with her, bless her, and congratulate the doctor for her courage in not renouncing her faith even under extreme pressure to convert to Islam… or die. Sentenced to death by hanging, she still stood firm, giving birth to her second child with legs shackled to the floor of the prison.

Should you want to send a “Grazie” e-mail or call to the Italian Embassy’s Press and Public Affairs Office: (202) 612-4444 or stampa.washington@esteri.it. You can write a congratulatory card to: Embassy of Italy, 3000 Whitehaven Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20008.




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