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Dogs Who Play Hide and Seek

Misha and Grisha, the family Scottish terriers, are playful pups.  Frequently they’ll stroll over to one of us, throw us a body slam, and insist that we play with them.  If that doesn’t work, they find one of their toys and toss it at our feet.

Naturally, we drop everything and tussle with the two.  They’re fun and try to play-bite us while rolling on their backs, or leaping into our laps.

Lately, they’ve enjoyed hide and seek.  Not that they’re too adept at the counting part.  As a matter of fact, even when they’re cuddled up right next to us, they’re generally hiding behind their bushy eyebrows.

This morning, we were all in the kitchen and I heard a dog crying.

“Do you hear a dog?” I asked everyone.

“It’s the dachshunds next door,” the kids reported.  “They always let them bark.”

I went back to cooking, until I heard the soft barks again.

“Listen—do you hear that?  It sounds like a dog is right outside our door.  Do you think Snickers is loose again?” I wondered, referring to the Yorkie that came to visit several times, so many times that the kids wanted to keep him, and Benedetto had renamed him an Italian name….

“Mama,” they insisted, “there are two dachshunds.  Then the grandparents come with their two, and there are four of them outside for hours, barking…” they insisted.

“They leave them outside?”  Obviously, I get out a lot.

“Yes and no.  They have a doggy door, but they’d rather be outside, barking at birds.”

“Sounds familiar,” I responded.

It was then that I heard another cry and looked down at Misha by my feet.

“Wait a minute, where’s Grisha?”  I asked, checking here and there.  “Grisha is gone!”

Opening the door to the playroom and laundry area, I found the little guy locked out from the main part of the house.

“Grisha!  What are you doing in there?” we scooped him up and hugged and kissed him.

He had been abandoned as a puppy before coming home with us and we understood that this could trigger his bad memories.  Benedetto, the culprit who had closed the door, came to encourage him.

“Grisha, were you playing hide and seek again?” he queried the cute one, who had embarked on one too many adventures.

Grisha’s tale wagged non-stop as he relished being “home”, safe and sound. Here he is, passed out from the whole experience.  Time for a nap.



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  1. avatar SLB says:

    Too cute! “Alle, alle auch sind frei!”

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