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Mid-East Peace Process Goes Kaput

israel_eilatWell, well, well, no surprises this week in the news.  Hot on the heels of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas saying that Palestinians will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the Arab League meeting in Kuwait echoed the same sentiment.

Do you get this?  The ARAB League insists that they will not recognize a JEWISH State.  So the country (Israel) that grants full citizenship and voting privileges to its Arab citizens is not israelallowed to call itself whatever it wants.  And how many of the Arab countries begin their names with “The Islamic Republic of ________”?

There are 21 Arab nations in the Middle East, but one western-wall-jerusalem-israel-18predominantly Jewish State is too much to ask.  One democracy in the bunch—guess which one.  One country where Arabs have more rights than they would if they lived in Arab countries.


And now Israel is the one being accused of trying to derail the peace process.



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