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Middle-Aged Dreams & Fantasies

MidLifeAdmit it, the years pass on and many have thoughts of doing something new. There’s no need to run away from the mate or get a new sports car. All you need is a little creativity. But there are themes that appear and reappear these days.

In an unscientific poll, here are a few of the middle-aged fantasies:

Opening a restaurant, probably one of the dumbest things you could do, but fun to think about.
Moving to the country and running a bed-and-breakfast, fine if you like nature or ownerrednecks or changing someone else’s sheets.
Going abroad to buy a vineyard, never mind if you don’t speak the language, don’t know the government regulations and are just beginning down the path of oenophilia.
Raising goats to produce your own brand of chèvre or growing truffles under the trees of your forest.
Turning homegrown produce into jams or honeys for sale at the community market. Gee, is there a pattern of food developing here-?
Living on a boat, preferably in the Mediterranean, since there are too many pirates in the Caribbean these days.
Coaching a sport of any kind, as long as you end up with a winning team.
graze-1Operating a food truck in the heart of a bustling city, rolling up the side panels and selling yummy fare for a profit, while it only cost you pennies. Here we are, back to food….
Even better, starting an environmentally-friendly food bike that features coffee, sandwiches, you name it, in tight spaces where you pedal right into position, permits allowing.
Speaking of bikes, cross-country biking here or abroad.
Creating custom-made designs for your own boutique or consignment store.boat
Returning to school, learning a foreign language or a musical instrument.

Anyways, you get the idea. Apparently, middle-aged people think about food, exercise, entrepreneurial endeavors and being somewhere else than they are right now.


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