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Middle-Aged Mom: At Home Alone

As most mothers, it’s rare when I have a minute to myself, much less a couple of days as I do this week.  My responsibilities haven’t ended, there’s simply no one to distract me.

So, in true inverse fashion, I accomplish very little.  It’s a nice change, but semi-disappointing.

My plans included cleaning closets, hemming pants, redecorating here and there, organizing spaces, changing things up.  These are enormous undertakings when multiplied by two boys, two girls, two adults, and two dogs.  My unspoken wish list of knocking out some required reading, getting a bit of my own work caught-up, and gardening would have to take a back seat due to sheer exhaustion setting in.  Anyone who’s ever jumped off of a merry-go-round knows that you generally fall over, first of all.

On the bright side, I bought a few tomato plants, basil, and rosemary.  Nothing fancy, nothing in the ground, just enough to let the rest of the family know that, if they want to put in a garden here, as they did last month at the dacha, they’d better get a move on.  Meanwhile, I tend to myself for once.

I think ponderous thoughts, which lots of loud voices around me generally silence.  Do I look middle-aged?  If we’re talking about Biblical lifespans, I’m really fairly young.  The kids are growing, now into their teens, am I preparing them for a decent life?  What else do I hope to accomplish as the years tick by?

All of this thoughtfulness makes me even more tired.  I decide to shower, do my hair and nails, and change back into the jammies.  Unheard-of.  Decadent.  Not answering the door.  Not going out.  Taking a nap.  Emptying the dehumidifier in the basement.  Making a cup of tea.  Sauteeing a slew of onions and mushrooms, and eating them with chopsticks and my own special seasonings, not worrying about anyone else’s opinion on the matter.

I still hope to get a lot accomplished, but some days, it’s nice to simply have a moment to breathe.  And then, there’s always tomorrow.



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Wow, you really know how to live! You haven’t lost the ability to accomplish a productive rest. Congratulations, Alexandra!

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