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Mindful Mentoring

thIt’s been a wild past 24 hours. All sorts of mayhem, trials and tribulations as I face a major public address and as my husband heads away for a couple of days with a great young guy that he’s mentoring.

I don’t even know if mentoring is the proper term. These days, young adults have so much to offer, it’s definitely not just a one-way process. But he’s like a son to us, in his mid-20s, an only child, parents split up… and I think they’ve done a super job with him. He’s got his head on his shoulders which is sometimes unusual in this day and age.

Anyway, mindful mentoring is intentional. It means spending time together, allowing for questions and answers and even thbeyond that… conversation… tossing around ideas.

Being heard in an increasingly-louder world.

Being appreciated.

Being exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking and experiences that you would not normally encounter on your own. I showed the kids where their father was with megachurch-serviceour family friend, tuning into a conference they were attending. And there, on live stream, everyone screamed, “There’s Papa!!!” In a setting of thousands, we saw the two of them prominently featured and had to laugh as I was simultaneously texting them.

“We see you….”

That may be another aspect of being mentored: being seen for who you are and who you will become.

Powerful stuff. I highly recommend it.


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