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Minor Matters


I was almost killed yesterday by a huge piece of wood which a tractor trailer on the highway rolled over and tossed into the sky toward our car.  How such a heavy thing could fly through the air is a mystery.  We were passing the truck and Benedetto swerved at the last minute when he saw the wood coming.

Crash! It hit the passenger sideview mirror right next to my sleeping face.  That’ll wake you up fast.

The wood richocheted off the mirror and slammed into the side of the SUV.  Thankfully, these things are built like tanks.

My head jerked up in time to see the mirror slam against the window, leaving its impact mark on the glass. The mirror popped from its holder, cracked in a million mini-pieces and was hanging on by a thread.  At highway speeds, the mirror banged again and again into the window, flapping wildly like a rag doll.  I didn’t know how we could cut the wires, but before we could pull over safely, it flew free, as well.

Naturally, all of the kids woke up from their afternoon car-naps.  I was happy that the dogs were not in my lap at the time.  If the huge piece of wood had been a few inches to the left, or if Benedetto had not swerved… it would have crashed through the windshield into my face.  Possibly curtains for me, but instead, we were protected.

Thank you, Lord.

It made me think of the minor matters which often take up our time, the minutiae of life which bogs us down:  the several days’ long line at the DMV, the forgotten school permission slip, the torn pants, the self-trimmed seven year old’s hair….

(Okay, I take that last one back.  Kids + scissors + hair are not a good combo.)

Refuse to major in the minors.  Life is too big and wonderful to be drawn into a downward spiral.  You’re alive and well, and that’s cause for celebration.   Let go of the little things that bother you and focus on the big things that really matter.




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  1. avatar AP says:

    Thank you to your guardian angel that good Lord sent you! So glad to hear that everyone is ok!!

    I can’t help but wonder how many times in life we are nearly hit and God saves us and we don’t realize it because the damage – or lack thereof – isn’t quite so obvious?

  2. avatar SLB says:

    I’m with you AP! Thank God for His divine protection! So glad you all made it through the debris storm! Whew!

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