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Miracle at the Wayside Church

IMG_4886You know how it is on a long drive— tummies start to hurt, nerves begin to fray. It’s no different for our two Scotties, Misha and Grisha, who become a bit perturbed when they can’t stretch out exactly as they want. After awhile, they weren’t on speaking terms. And then they saw the country church’s red doors beckoning.

But we’ll let them share their own testimony in their own words….


We were once melancholy and sad. The glass was half-full. Our doggy-bowl was half-full.IMG_4892

To be honest, we were not even on speaking terms. That’s hard when you’re in the same family, yet it happens all the time.


As they say, it only takes one to start the reconciliation process. Hello? Anything seemed possible.IMG_4895

After chatting a bit, we bowed our heads in prayer. Outside the red, wooden doors of this historic church, the two of us were changed even before walking inside the door.


These are our new, happy faces. See what the Lord might do for you!IMG_4896


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