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Miracle Houses

dreamingofhomeIn this economic climate, it’s not every day that you hear good news.  And here I am, personally knowing two different families that have experienced nothing short of miraculous outcomes in the housing area.

One couple had never been able to purchase a home of their own.  Their time, money, and energies had been invested in their business.  This last move had been a challenging one, with some landlords not accepting their cats, and some homeowners associations not allowing their company vehicles in the neighborhood.

Long story short, they found a friendly area with even friendlier landlords who accepted all of the above.  Within a matter of weeks, the landlords approached the tenants with the idea of selling them projects done by Venture Builders, INC.the home:  financing it, applying monthly rent payments toward the downpayment, and helping the family make their dream a reality.

Talk about miraculous-!

dream_home_algonquinThe second family had a beautiful home and a successful business… until the economic downturn… when everything came screeching to a halt.  They lost both through no fault of their own.  Both husband and wife became creative and found work in different industries, trying their hardest to reverse their own reversals.  The family rented an exquisite home developed by a builder.

Turns out the builder was not passing on their rent payments to the 11427006-buyers-will-receive-significant-savings-during-the-national-dream-home-sales-eventbank, but pocketing them, instead.  Within time, the bank came to foreclose.  The bank noted that the family was stable in terms of their payments and allowed them to stay.

Yet, to add insult to injury, the loan was acquired by another company who informed the family that they would be selling it, and the family had to go.  No matter that nothing much was selling in that area.  There was no reasoning with the new loan-holder.

We encouraged the family that, it was at times like these, that they beautiful-home-1were primed for better things.  They searched and found an even nicer home to rent.  A bit pricey, the couple researched the landlord’s situation.  Not only did he own it free and clear, he agreed to come down on the rent… and finance their purchase of it, very similar to the other family’s situation.

They had lost it all only a few years ago, and now a reversal of fortunes was underway.

Both families had prayed, believed, and stayed confident.  They steadily moved forward, no matter what the circumstance.  And here, the almost-unimaginable had happened, this time in a positive sense.  They were buying beautiful homes, against all odds.

While some would say, “Believe for the best, prepare for the worst”, I would change both parts of the equation to the best.  Aim high, pray high, and take the necessary steps in the right direction.  Your perseverence will pay off.


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