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Miracles Happen

I could talk and talk all day and all night about miracles I’ve seen, you know, the suspension of natural events or outcomes caused by Divine intervention.  Well, here’s another.

Turns out that an acquaintance was not feeling well.  At all.  The doctors couldn’t get to the bottom of it.  They’re adoptive parents with two little ones and her energy was down.  She knew that SOMETHING was wrong, but the docs kept sending her home.

Finally, she asked for a full physical, blood workups, the whole nine yards.  Both parents are busy professionals and didn’t have time to be taking off here and there for doctors’ appointments, but health, well, you know, it’s a pretty big thing if you don’t catch something right away.

Turns out it was BIG.  And they hadn’t caught it.

The lady was nine months pregnant and didn’t know it-!!!

I realize that this is the stuff that TV programs are made of, but I guess it really happens.  The couple had been told for 10 years that they would never have kids of their own.  It was not on their radar screen.  At all.  She was a little on the heavy side in terms of weight.  I had lost touch with her as a friend of a friend.  My friend reported that about a year ago she lost a good bit of weight, and then it came creeping back.  And here she was, a year later, expecting, and not even being able to detect it.  The friend said specifically that the acquaintance asked that I be informed, knowing that I enjoy any good miracle story.

She’s not deathly sick.  Thank you, Lord.  She’s pregnant.  They will induce labor within the next week-!

Are you ready for big things today?



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    Not that big! Wow, with my paticular IF issues that kind of thing is possible, though I’m not too heavy so if I started growing I’d more likely think I had a tumor instead of a baby. Congratulations to her, and if she has any of that miracle dust left over send it my way as I’d sorely like to have a little girl!

    • avatar admin says:

      See, that’s the great thing about miracles, Winnie, they never get used up as if you arrive on the scene and the stock is already sold-out. There’s plenty to go around! This one has flabbergasted even me… I can see a few months pregnant, but hearing the news that it would never happen, then it does, and then… that little bundle of joy will be joining you in the next week or two!!! That’s quick.

  2. avatar AP says:

    How awesome! Any updates?

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