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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!


At 3-D, we move at such a fast clip that it’s hard to keep up, lol.  Here are a few updates from here, there, and everywhere, for you, my special friends, lolling around during a summertime lull:

1.  It’s been hot here.  It’s been hot everywhere.  There may be something about this global warming….  Then again, winter will probably be very, very cold, so maybe not.  My husband already glimpsed a wooly caterpillar and supposedly, that means a deep freeze is coming.  Well, hallelujah to that!

2.  Our kids are preparing to go to a Russian camp– only they don’t know about it!  Tee hee.  I feel very sneaky.  I know they’ll have a blast, since all of the kids are Russian-Americans and it’s run by very good people.  They will be speaking “Russki Yahzik” (Russian language) for a whole week, while engaging in sports, fun around the campfire, canoeing, motivational talks, you name it.  Soon, I’ll be announcing it to them.

3.  My father is hovering between life and death.  We are praying that life wins out.  A couple of weeks ago, he had a heart attack.  Thankfully, his Russian wife contacted my brother who insisted that they call an ambulance, since Dad said he felt okay.  Then, he flat-lined three times and they revived him.  Then, his kidneys shut down, so he’s been starting dialysis at 85….

I offered to fly to see him, but really, we have a wonderful relationship and had a long, long talk on his birthday, the Fourth of July (typical Russian, hah), so I think we were both okay with him going on to his eternal reward.  We’ve said all we need to say, which is a wonderful way to live.  But we’d all love to have him around for many more years.  When we finally heard the news (a few people “forgot” to tell us-!), Benedetto at last got a hold of him and observed, “So, you were kicked out of heaven three times-?”  The man has a way with words.

My father is in a weakened condition, however, the nurses claim that his kidneys can absolutely kick back in.  He should be in a nursing home for a couple of weeks and then home.  We are believing for a full recovery.

4.  One of our 3-D faithful is going in for major surgery on Tuesday.  Our prayers are with her and her family, that the news is good.  May this not cause undue concern, especially for her Russian children.

5.  I was delivered from a large black snake in our archaeological adventures.  Granted, he was seen slithering through the parking lot, and not jumping out at us, but still-!  Did I mention that he was BIG?  Everyone said they knew about him and didn’t seem too concerned.  Alright, let me state for the record:  I am concerned.

6.  We have not been watching the Olympics.  We’re just way too busy.  I have friends who are addicted, lol.  In a doctor’s office, I did get to watch five minutes of the women’s kayak event and was quite impressed with the manufactured whitewater course… at the base of a stadium!  How cool is that?

It was just four years ago that I recall our boys watching the Olympics on TV… in Russia.  They would cheer, “Rossiya!” and then “Amerika!” and then turn and ask, “Mama, who should we be cheering for?”

“All of the above.”

Maybe we’ll still get an opportunity.

I tried to watch a few minutes of the opening ceremony when the nations marched in.  Personally, I liked the United States’ outfits even if they were made in China.

7.  Speaking of which, what’s the big flap with Mrs. Romney’s $990 blouse making the couple “out of touch” with average Americans, while Mrs. Obama’s $6,800 jacket worn in London raised not an eyebrow in the press corps?  Apparently, the press loves to pick and choose their darlings, along with what qualifies for the rant of the day.  If you got a glimpse of either of them, I say they need to save their money:  Mrs. Romney was wearing big fish on her chest, and Mrs. Obama had a cap-sleeved number which just looked odd….  Maybe they need Alexandra as their fashion consultant, stylist to those who don’t understand DC’s decorum?

Ya think it’s an election year?

8.  And while we have the press on the line here, what about every major news network ignoring the mile-long lines at Chick-fil-A restaurants nationwide?  Hmmm… not newsworthy?  The editorializing as to what is “news” speaks volumes.  We stopped by a Chick-fil-A early Wednesday morning for a “breakfast sandwich”, giving our bodies to science, and my husband came out laughing, 99% sure that the manager with whom he spoke was gay.

“This is what makes America great,” he said, inbetween bites of his biscuit.

Live and let live.  Freedom, and justice, and lots of calories for all.

9.  This item will definitely make your day if you’re a dog-owner:  Dollar Tree has doggie poo-poo bags!  I’ve been searching for these forever, since I don’t like the cutesy, paw-print covered offerings that a lot of pet stores have, and anything else is perpetually sold out.  We used to have great rolls of blue bags to keep in the car.

In general, Misha and Grisha the Scotties fertilize our own bushes, therefore, we don’t really need any bags.  But when we travel, we are considerate of others.  So now I found 50 black bags in a box for $1.  The little guys prefer the dark colored bags so that nobody’s looking at their “business”.  Sorry if that’s TMI.

10.  School supplies have been out everywhere for the past two weeks.  Get them while they’re hot.  As we move into August, they’ll soon be picked-over.  And we all know that there’s nothing worse than picked-over pencils.

Okey-dokey, that’s about all the updates for now.  How’s everything with you?

Happy Friday, everyone!



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    First of all I am holding good thoughts for your Dad and will say a prayer for his health.

    We went on a Disney Cruise with our older daughter and her family -it was Disney characters and wall to wall children everywhere for a week. The best fun was seeing the fun our grandchildren had and the daily chocolate chip cookies were awesome.
    Our Russian daughter has been working almost full time all summer . We have observed she is a hard worker and arrives early and loves getting that paycheck. She saves all her earnings from her job but spends her babysitting money. We are proud of her. She is back to college in a few weeks and will work part time during the semester.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thank you for your prayers, Sybil. It must have been great to take a Disney Cruise, I’ve heard good things about them. If there’s chocolate chips anywhere nearby, I’m there! And your daughter working faithfully, saving and then spending a little on herself. How smart! You have every right to be proud of her, studying, working, wow! Here’s to another fab year on campus!

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    Hope all is well with your father, I wish him a full recovery, sometimes those tough old birds bounce pretty good.

    That fish shirt is UGLY, OMG, it looks likes something that came out my husband’s hunting and fishing catalogs, and Mrs. Obama’s get-up looks like mother-of-the-bride outfit or something and I will say she’s usually pretty well dressed. Either way both spent /spend insane amounts of money on their clothes. Let me take them shopping to the local outlet mall and I can have them looking like the average housewife in about half and hour and for about $100.

    When / if you run out of your fancy new poo bags look in the baby section for little blue bags, they are even powder scented and ment for ripe diapers.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Winnie, it’s hard to get through to my dad in his current facility, so we’re hoping he’s doing better…. I’ll have to write about Benedetto and his Russian conversation with an absolute stranger while trying to get through to a US facility that never answers its phone.

      I agree about the outfits, the fishy one at least had pretty colors and might work for a picnic…. I don’t get it, but maybe I’m a penny-pincher at heart. I was always taught that, even though you “have it” to spend, that classic, understated elegance was the way to go. Now if I can only get my husband to pitch his old, favorite khaki pants, frayed around the edges which he thinks looks fine with a jacket and polo on a day off. (He already has a couple of new pairs, makes no difference, unless he needs to dress for something, lol.)

      Oooh, little blue bags that are powder scented? That’s worth a try-! Thanks.

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