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Misha and Grisha Play Dress-Up

IMG_0968On their way to the bathtub the other day, our Scottish Terriers Misha and Grisha decided to pose for the camera.  I really can’t remember who it was that dressed them up (No, it was not me…), but somebody else was folding their little blankets that we keep in the car, and one thing led to another.

These fleeces are the kind of things that are good for dogs with muddy feet who need to climb into your lap, or for slightly sick doggies with a tummyache who need to throw up somewhere fast.  I tell you, those baby blanket fleeces are good.

So the old fleeces must have been coming out of the wash, while the dogs were going in to be washed, and IMG_0969things happened.  (You can tell I don’t have perfect recall, can’t you?)

There was Misha, standing before me (I think he was standing, usually he doesn’t like to sit if someone is wrapping him up, but because he’s so squat anyway, and has short, sturdy legs, it’s really hard to tell…).  He was dressed like a Greek grandmother, or make that a Russian babushka, given our family’s uniqueness.

IMG_0970Now, I will just take this opportunity to say that some Scottie lovers feel that we are mistreating our little guys by not naming them Angus or Campbell or Seamus.  Whatever.  Is every American child named Dick or Jane, I ask you?  We have a Russian family and Scottish dogs with Russian names.  Deal with it.  Be thankful that we outvoted any Italian entries from Benedetto.

So back to the story after that commercial break.

Misha was much more upset masquerading as one of the opposite gender, rather than the wrong ethnicity, at IMG_0971least that’s what he told me.  Look at his eyes.  They say it all.

And then there was Grisha.  He seemed to be sporting a little country girl look, his blue blankie adding that certain “Je ne sais quoi”.  Keep in mind that both are boy dogs, and very manly-men in their own right.  (And yes, he was sitting down on the job.)

However, in my opinion, they looked like grandmother and daughter, out for a mushroom-hunting expedition deep in the Russian forest.  These are the odd personalities one could come across if you wandered far from your izba.

Granny, what big teeth you have-!



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  1. avatar Sarah says:

    Hi Alexandra, I was waiting for my boys at school today and was on my iPad on the schools wifi. I laughed out loud to see their server blocked your site saying get this…… due to pornography. Really so very funny knowing your blog so well. Would it be the pictures of the puppies that triggered this? Lol! Hope you all are well. We are on a huge Russian children’s books in English right now. The little guys can’t get enough!


    • avatar admin says:

      Oh my goodness, Sarah! I can’t imagine! Maybe the server thinks our dogs are cross-dressing or something??? That is so weird, I’m covering their ears while typing this…! 🙂

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