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Misha on the Mend

The little guy is getting better, thank you for all of the helpful e-mails and well-wishes.  Our Scottie celebrated by going on a nature hike (carried, naturally, due to his poor paw), did more window shopping from his exalted and lofty position, and languished on grassy lawns whenever possible.

Mashenka was strong enough to lift our 23-pound pooch for his forays here and there, kindly caring for him.  This happened inbetween him snoozing on my lap and generally  demanding more food for his pain and suffering.  Misha knew how to milk things, that was for sure.

Grisha, our other Scottish Terrier, was right there with him, scratching and moaning and proudly stretched out on Persian carpets.  They were going to make this a vacation to remember one way or another.

Now it’s time for us to go home and the little boys are just as ready as the rest of the family.  Nice to get away for a day or two, and even nicer to head home.

We survived, we thrived, and a good time was had by all, especially Misha.




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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    I hadn’t finished my message but it must have submitted to you. I wanted to say how kind it was of Mashenka to care for Misha and that I’m glad to hear the little guy is improving.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thank you, Sybil. She was very strong to carry him around for so long. Several times we asked if we could relieve her, but she wanted to “be there” for him. Now her arms are quite sore…. That’s about the same time when Sashenka started carrying around Grisha, and for sure, we did all help her!

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