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Misha’s Doggy Birthday

IMG_2564Yes, our big ol’ little guy turned 7, Misha the Scottie with the Russian name.  What to do, what to do to celebrate? 

His birthday followed hot on the heels of Petya’s 17th (and our cyber-friend Sybil’s daughter, who has the same b-day, but is a few years older, already in college).  Since we have three birthdays in a row, Petya in September, Sashenka in October, and Pasha in November, we’re sort of scaled-back these days in regards to the dogs.

When I was a child, we had Hansel the dachshund as part of the family.  We used to throw backyard parties for him, Cleo the Bassett arriving from two houses up, and Candy the next-door Chihuahua in attendance, all of them replete with party hats and ground beef.  Now, our grown-up family was a bit… more grown-up, lol.

So, out we pulled the beef-tendon chews, one for Misha and one for Grisha.  The IMG_2548family gathered and sang, “Happy Birth—day, dear Miiiii-shaaaa…” and away they went, chomping and happy.

Here’s Misha, after he tosses it up in the air and pounces on it a few times.  Grisha is already halfway through his treat as Misha just gets started.

He chomps and chews, happy to have us gather ‘round and watch.  You can tell we have a very busy schedule.

IMG_2550Grisha, meanwhile, hides under a chair and gets down to work.  No playing around for him.  He makes sure that no one approaches him while he gnaws on the delectable delight.

As soon as he finishes, Grisha IMG_2559has to run around the room and rub his whole face on the carpet, first this side and then that.  Afterwards, he’ll jump into his bed and roll on his back, legs in the air, just to express his utter joy at being part of the festivities.

IMG_2562Misha finally finishes up the tiny pieces scattered everywhere, licking the carpet which will never be the same.  Then Sashenka grabs them for a birthday bath, after which they run like banshees all around the house, and finally flop down in a sunbeam.  Altogether a good day.

Tell me you celebrate your pet’s birthday, too!


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