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Monday Mottoes – #100

NYCOur oldest son is home and I can breathe a sigh of relief. He journeyed solo to and from New York City, had many wonderful experiences, and all is well. Petya got to spread his wings and be independent, while enjoying a great group of older teens.

I got to thinking about how kids express themselves and if happy-go-lucky, amenable Petya is an anomaly. Is teen rebellion a necessity to growing up? Can kids make smooth transitions to young adulthood? Or should clashes be anticipated when we grow in age, or career, or relationship?

I don’t think so. Strife and conflict are not tantamount to maturity. Struggle perhaps, even as the home-5butterfly must work to break forth from its cocoon. But ugliness and rebellion?


Having seen my fair share of inappropriate behaviors and reactions in young people, as well as adults, I can honestly say that rebellion is often the result of self-hatred, the self-loathing that makes one be untrue to one’s own best self. Rather than seek to better themselves and rise above their challenges, they choose to lash out, cause more problems and blame-shift.

quote-George-Henry-LewesWhat a colossal waste of time. There are better, more constructive ways to assert one’s individuality, which brings us to today’s motto:

“Originality is independence, not rebellion; it is sincerity, not antagonism.” ~George Henry Lewes (19th century English philosopher)

I like that. Originality and sincerity. What a beautiful way to mature in life, in careers, in relationships.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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