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Monday Mottoes – #101

elgin08An older family friend asked if our teens could help her with a few projects around her Victorian-era home. No real skills nor power tools required—just pulling waist-high weeds, rearranging porch furniture and bagging tree debris left behind by other, less-than-ideal helpers.

“Would you like to help Miss _____ with some outdoor garden projects?” I asked the younger three, since the oldest already worked a couple of days each week, along with attending college.

“Sure,” they enthused, knowing that she was on her own and that she had a cute dog….Yard-Work-224_l_0cc799b9637276cb

And off they went, working four or five hours that day. She made them pizza and raw veggies for lunch. While they worked outside, pros were renovating her house’s interior. And when their father drove to collect them later in the day, our friend was surprised in a very pleasant way about the amount of work the teens accomplished and ended up slipping them each a nice wad of bills.

They never expected any kind of payment and tried to turn down her offer of cash.

dead-sea1“I’ve had workmen here,” she explained, “and they did nowhere near the amount that you three accomplished. So I insist,” she smiled.

Well, if you put it that way. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“The Dead Sea is dead because it has no outlet.”

Similar to the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea has the Jordan River as its source. However, no outlet combined with the high salt content means that no vegetation and no fish would ever survive the Dead Sea’s 33.7% salinity.

It takes in, but never gives out, which renders it lifeless. What results is dissipation through Sea_of_Galilee_2evaporation.

Our kids wanted to freely give of themselves to a family friend in need and they ended up being blessed in the process. They were givers and see what happened?

Today, look for an opportunity to give above and beyond, instead of simply receiving. You’ll spread life to all those around you.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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