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Monday Mottoes – #102

friends-and-coffeeI’m blessed with very special friends. We can share anything with one another, our highs and lows, our joys and heartaches. At any given moment, I may be carrying on five different text conversations in as many alphabets, ranging from silly to serious. It can get me into trouble, at times, because I tend to send the wrong text to the wrong person when it becomes fast and furious back and forth….

So the other day, I’m kibbitzing with one, while another message comes in asking for prayer for a


friend who happens to be Russian. She is having a large growth and an organ removed in surgery soon.

“Could you give her a call and pray with her, or text her in Russian?” my friend asks on behalf of her friend.

“Absolutely,” I text back, “it would be my privilege.”

All of my crowd know the outstanding things that the Lord has done for our family. We don’t use the word “miracle” lightly. And what He’s done for us, He will do for others when we ask in faith, believing.

countryWe’re in the car, the kids are asleep. I wonder if I can quietly whisper my text into the phone in Russian which would go more quickly than trying to type it out in Cyrillic. Benedetto is on a bumpy country road, avoiding massive end-of-summer backups on main highways, all of which necessitates me raising my voice.

I give it a shot and start to speak in Russian:

“Dear ______, We are friends of your friend, _______, and heard that you are in the hospital. May you be healthy and everything be well. We are praying for you. With God, all things are possible….”

At that point, one of the dogs could not take the bumps in the road and leapt from the back seat up believe-christ-christianto the front console and into my arms. Surprised by his sudden appearance, I juggled him and the phone, helping him to settle on my lap and continuing the text.

Which brings us to today’s motto, a fall-back phrase and powerful word that fits so many situations in life:

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’” ~ Mark 10:27

Not just some things, but all things. All good things. We’re not on our own, but the Lord is there to encourage and assist, lifting us up and over the rough places of life.

Sometimes all we have to do is admit that the bumps are getting to us and jump into His strong arms, settling on His lap for the ride ahead, safe in the knowledge that all things are possible with Him. How empowering.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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