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Monday Mottoes – #103

CalendarMost of us are rational human beings. Most of us. Most of the time. Not taking into account family members or employees who might push us over the edge.

We once had a guy working for us who thought his whole job description involved arranging his social calendar. His office was not far from mine and I had to close my door rather than listen to his long and involved phone calls arranging doctors’ visits for his elderly parents, calls home to his wife, chatting with his children, checking in with his middle-aged brother and so much more. Forget using his lunch hour to get any of this done, he was part of the lunch circuit and could tell you which of the latest restaurants offered what on their menu. One holiday season, we took all of our staff out to lunch… and he basically invited his mother and brother… who just happened to be sitting nearby and pulled their chairs up to our long party table-?!

Eventually, you can only take so much. And the pressure cooker lid pops off and heads roll.

But, in general, most of us think of ourselves as rational.

I’ve always wondered when folks have lapses of rationality. Maybe it’s because they wish so hard forproposal something to happen that they imagine it to be a possibility when anyone else would know—there’s no way.

A friend just proposed to his girlfriend. They’re both in maybe their late 50s and it’s all very sweet. He did the proposal in a public place, amongst friends, and told how his life had been headed in the wrong direction. He was 60 pounds overweight, had gone through a mini-stroke, and he knew he had to turn his life around. He started praying and came back to God. He started a healthy-eating and workout routine. He sequestered himself away from anything that might bring him down. He wanted to work on himself.

Get-in-ShapeAfter 18 months, he came out a new man and began to think that something was missing in his life—a woman. He was looking better, feeling better, knew he had a lot to offer, and so he went online and found her, a wonderful, sweet woman. And now he proposed. And she said yes!

He did not pursue her when he was overweight, not that overweight people can’t date or marry, but you know what I mean. I’ve met many young people who are sure, convinced, positive that if they just met Celebrity, Singer, or Sports Star X, Y, or Z – they would hook them for life. Often, the infatuated one is 100+ pounds overweight, no talents of their own that they’ve ever cultivated, pouring over star magazines or fan sites… and you know: there’s no way.

It’s not realistic. It’s not rational.

Usually, it’s smart to assess our abilities. If we need further education, exposure, or shaping-up, so dalebe it. If we’re never going to be a brain surgeon, fine. But that’s not to say we can’t believe for the impossible….

I tend to think of it like this: if I can do it, then I should do it. If I can’t do it, then I should still give it my best shot… and believe for a miracle, outside help, some kind of breakthrough. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” ~Dale Carnegie

Don’t take no for an answer. Keep trying and keep going, it’s going to work one way or another.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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