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Monday Mottoes – #104

HealthI told you about a friend who was having one surgery, when another organ was nicked in the process and she was rushed to a different university hospital to have that fixed.

Meanwhile, the couple’s grown kids had been secretly planning to send them on a European cruise in six weeks’ time and had to tell them. The plans hung in limbo.

Then there was a slight problem with the second surgery, necessity a few more days’ stay in the hospital. Finally, she was released. Now, a week after that, her temperature spiked to almost 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

We called, we prayed, as did others. Within a matter of minutes, the temperature dropped. Thank health2you, Lord! Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.” ~Unknown

I live every day in thankfulness and gratitude. I look at this couple and know the deep peace and joy that they’ve experienced as they come out of an ordeal on the other side. Plans, trips, jobs—all pale in comparison when your life is at risk. Health is a biggie, so take care of it when you can.

Some of us are control freaks and there are certain situations in life that are beyond our control. When we can’t, God can.

To your health! Happy Monday, everyone!


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