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Monday Mottoes – #106

thMost of us can read the handwriting on the wall. You know when to fish and when to cut bait. It’s not hard to see that the business is going south or the marriage going sour. Naturally, it’s easier to throw in the towel. Why stick with it? You’ve tried for long enough, or so the reasoning goes.

And sometimes that’s the case. But sometimes you just have to keep going and never give up.

There’s the famous illustration of Thomas Edison and his lightbulb succeeding after about the 2,000th try, or the 1,000th try, or the 9,999th try, depending on the sourcee you read. No matter, we get the idea. Ask yourself the question: are you at least growing closer to a breakthrough? Is it still in your heart that there’s still hope?

Then just keep going. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they Edisongave up.” ~Thomas A. Edison

How close are you? Have you worked hard enough and long enough that you may be closer to one side than the other? Then just keep going. It would be a shame to turn around and go all that way back to square one, to start over again in an entirely different occupation, marriage, degree, endeavor.

Why give up now? You can do it, if you commit to stick to it. Don’t turn around now. The Lord goes before you with His light. You’re more than halfway there—you’re almost there. Get your second wind and keep going strong.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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