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Monday Mottoes – #107

crossroadWe’ve probably all heard the oft-told story of the builder contracted to build a magnificent home. The investor had the best plans, the highest-quality finishes, and a great crew to do the job. But the contractor decided to cut corners here and there, often in areas that would not be seen by the average observer. In the end, he presented the home to the investor… who informed him that this was a gift for all of his labors. Only the builder knew what a shoddy job it was and now it was his-!

The things we do in secret, the activities we prioritize, the kind of lifestyle we value… all of these tiny steps lead up to one, big life. Are we building with shoddy materials?

When coming to the office, are you willing to arrive early and stay late? Or do you habitually arrive Crossroadslate and leave early? Is time with your mate hurried and harried and distracted, or do you give the fullness of your attention and enthusiasm? Rather than encourage our children to develop character and honestly face things, do we bail them out simply for convenience sake, rather than teach them to learn how to communicate and plan ahead and take responsibility for their actions?

Which leads us to today’s motto:

every-choice-you-make-has-an-end-result“Every choice you make has an end result.” ~Zig Ziglar

Every choice. Every choice. It either leads you closer to your intended destination or not. Choose to operate with intention, instead of caving in to convenience.

Don’t let kids trap you when you’re tired and a push-over. Don’t let colleagues try to intimidate you in front of others. Stand for what’s right, for you are building a house.

And you will have to live there.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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