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Monday Mottoes – #108

eatThere is nothing private anymore, have you noticed? From e-mail accounts to criminal records, from salaries to medical records. Nothing is off-limits.

Probably the wisest move is to live as though everything will be public. Just plan for it and you won’t be caught off-guard. Which leads us to today’s motto:

“What you eat in private will show up in public.” ~Unknown

It doesn’t get any clearer than that. What you say, what you do, where you’ve been, with whom you’ve spoken, maybe not quite what you’ve thought… it all comes out in the end. Live with that in mind. Just accept it.

Talk about others and they will find out. Eat that piece of cake and it will show up on your hips.cake Spend extra time studying or prepping and the result will be commensurate.

It could be good or bad. So make it good. Why not? It doesn’t cost anything extra if you think about it.

Hidden things always come out, sooner or later, more or less. Might as well ensure that it’s a bunch of happy surprises rather than unhappy scandals.

Do something nice and unexpected and happily unexpected today. If everyone’s going to hear about it, make it count.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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