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Monday Mottoes – #109

falling_modelFailure. It’s a hard thing to swallow, even harder to admit. Maybe a business failure, a relationship failure, a childrearing failure, an academic failure. It hurts. It stings. It paints a big “L” for loser on the forehead.

Or does it?

A toddler learning to walk while falling down, bumping into furniture and tripping over himself, does not give up in frustration, never to walk again. He keeps trying and experimenting and learning. As adults, it may cost us more time and money and embarrassment, yet it’s virtually the same. Without continuing to try, try again, failure is ensured. But when we give it another chance, we give ourselves hope of another outcome. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Failure is not fatal. Only failure to get back up is.” ~John C. Maxwellfailure is not falling down

Consider those weighted carnival dolls, heavy in the base. When they’re knocked over, they don’t stay down, they spring right back up. Kind of like you. No matter what throws you off balance, you spring back up. They can’t knock you down and keep you down.

And that says something. Keep springing back today.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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