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Monday Mottoes – #11

481786_10151973975833298_2001697265_nLet’s be honest, many of us are in survival mode.  Sure, we used to dream and make playful plans, but everyday life somehow sucked the spunk right out of us.  If we can get through yet another day, still preserving our sanity, and maybe even our sense of humor, we consider it a victory.

Time to change that.

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “One day your life will flash before your eyes.  Make sure it’s worth watching.”

It’s time to live authentically and do the things that we were created 2c4365188e552b6a3d7f094dc2adb3c7to do.  I’ve heard it said that if you’re exactly like someone else, then one of you is redundant.  Celebrate who you are, not in a hedonistic, self-centered way, but instead, by caring about others and reaching out to do something nice for them.

If you’re going to have an outstanding life, you have to be willing to stand out from the crowd.  Be a little different.  Do something unusual.  Don’t apologize for being your new, improved self.

How do you wish to be known?  For what will you stand?  Life is moving along.  Every day, and in every way, you can make it better.  It might be with a touch, a smile, pausing to watch a sunrise or sunset, cheering up a child.  Make it count.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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