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Monday Mottoes – #115

Paris-terror-390782Paris. Ville de lumiere. I have been through the Charles de Gaulle Airport more times than most people go to the grocery store. And now this. Multiple terrorist attacks coordinated to cause chaos, confusion, and the crass loss of life.

Followed by the springing up of lights around the world – bleu, blanc et rouge – standing in solidarity with the people of France. The bully on the block would not be tolerated, nor would they be allowed to pressure foreign governments to work against their own best interests, no matter what the threats.

The terrorists are those who do not value human life. Most of us understand theTerrorist occasional need to lay down one’s life for a cause, an idea, a conviction. Yet, widespread maiming and killing of random souls accomplishes nothing. It is the epitome of evil. Should it serve to bolster one’s nerve via the heady scent of blood and gore, then the cause du jour is sick indeed to need such a stimulant.

There is an entire generation if not parts of the world where the power of positive ideas is nonexistent. Rather than work to make their own countries heaven on earth, they instead use nefarious deeds to make the rest of the world hell on earth. Establish your own form of government in your own land and see how that works for you, rather than seek to attack peaceful nations.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

Teddy-Roosevelt“Walk softly and carry a big stick.” ~Pres. Teddy Roosevelt

This mentality stands in sharp contrast to today’s modus operandi: bomb, rape, behead and threaten more of the same. Walk softly but with a strength of purpose and power. That speaks more than any brutality which is simply repelling and repulsive.

Act like human beings with the power of conviction, not the power of hatred and fanaticism, with the understanding that everyone has the right to secure their own borders and their own citizenry. Have the courage to censure your own group supposedly acting in the name of God. Be men, rather than anti-social bad boys who feel they will never be acknowledged for their accomplishments, so they might as well try to draw attention in the basest way possible.

Today, make your part of the world a more civilized place, walking softly, yet with the strength of resolve. Don’t let others’ ugliness get you down.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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