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Monday Mottoes – #12

IMG_2708Once upon a time, we traveled all the time.  About four flights a week, often abroad.  I told Benedetto the one thing I missed in life was having a dog.  (Children were not my highest priority, go figure.)

He said that I could have one, as soon as we got our own plane, our own pilots, and we could call the shots much better than on a commercial airline.  It happened, and my life forever changed when Misha, our beloved Scottish Terrier, flew in (yes, he did) from another part of the country. 

Within a year, a friend’s sister alerted us to an abandoned Scottie that needed to be rescued at a local kennel, and Grisha came home.

These guys are two peas in pod, best buds after a rocky first few months.  We love them.th

Which brings us to today’s motto that we’ve all seen:  “Wag more, bark less.”

Misha and Grisha rarely have bad days or bad moods.  If you’re feeling down, they’re ready, willing, and available to comfort you.  They’re happiest when they’re sleeping, piled on top of you, or out on a field trip of some sort, getting exercise together as a family.  A bowl full of good food doesn’t hurt, either.

Life should be so simple.  As a matter of fact, it is simple:  show love and appreciation to all, keep first things first, enjoy life, and bring joy to others.  (Acting obediently and being well-trained are good ideas, too.)

Happy Monday, everyone!


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