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Monday Mottoes – #124

Overcome the problemsHere’s a happy thought for a Monday morning: Life is going to knock you down or try to knock you down. The longer you lay there, on the ground, shaking your head in shock, the easier it is for the next guy to come and bulldoze right over you.

Get up. Get up and dust yourself off.

The other day I was going to an important meeting. As I reached for the bathroom faucet, the cold water faucet handle came right off in my hand. I had barely twisted it and the next thing I knew, there was Old Faithful gushing halfway up to the Overcome obstaclesceiling. I quickly pushed the knob back onto the throbbing water, but the pressure was so great, it took all of my strength to hold it there.

Shouting for help, nobody in our family of six heard me, except for my oldest son and right-hand man, Petya. He came running and tried to hold the water down, too. Then we switched and he crawled under the sink to turn off the water source, not realizing that two valves had to be turned instead of one. Back up he popped to hold down the geyser, while I shouted again for help.

Thank the Lord we were not being held at gunpoint….

bad-makeupFinally, Benedetto came running and crawled under the sink, turning off the water. I was soaked, most things in the bathroom were soaked, I was now running late for my meeting, plus we had to mop up the counters and the floors. But there was no Plan B. I had to pick myself up and keep going, with or without running water. We would deal with that next week when we were back in town.

At the venue, I glanced in the mirror before the meeting. My sloppy, rushed makeup job made me look like a Picasso painting, all crazy and chopped up. Whatever. Hopefully I would be speaking from far away at a podium and no one would see me up close and personal, lol.

Folks, in life, there are no rest-stops, no time-outs, no pit-stops and rest-breaks. The treadmill keeps i-can-accept-failure-everyone-fails-at-something-but-i-cant-accept-not-tryinggoing, whether or we do or not.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~Michael Jordan

Just get up and keep going! You can do it. Continue moving forward. Victory is yours.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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