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Monday Mottoes – #127

Office-CubiclesRecently, I competed to secure an office complex/ business facility. Another party offered three times as much. Technically, there was no hope. Our side understood that the building had been empty for awhile, yet unbeknownst to us, the other group placed a letter of intent on it a couple days prior to us.

No hope at all. Letter of intent, offering three times as much as we felt it was worth, along with them offering the owner a portion of their proceeds.

And then we were shown the building. We knew it was meantp to be ours. Location, location, location. Plenty of space for the present, along with room for expansion. Not too difficult to slightly reconfigure.

Other facilities previously viewed included those that were too small, too chopped up, too many zoning requirements, etc. This simply seemed right, and full of potential and really better than anything else we had visited. But what about the price?

Our side gathered outside and yes, we prayed. You know we prayed! Right there in the huge parking lot. We asked for a miracle. It was that kind of prayer where you’re kind of giddy, and kind of breathless, and so excited about the possibilities.

most-of-the-important-things-in-the-world-have-been-accomplished-by-people-who-have-kept-on-trying-when-there-seemed-to-be-no-hope-at-all-dale-carnegie-3But we had to wait 72 hours to hear how the other side’s letter of intent had gone. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Part-way through the 72 hours, the faith on the inside outgrew our fear on the outside. Our agent suggested we submit our own letter of intent.


What could we lose? What could we gain? We grew more breathless key-holdingat the thought.

Long, long, twisty, turny story short— we got the building. And then came more twists and turns-! The bottom line is that you keep going. Don’t look at the outward circumstances, look at the dream in your heart and the help of God. Keep praying, keep believing, don’t give up.

Who accepts an offer one-third the price of someone else’s? It happens. It happened to us. Be encouraged and don’t give up hope. Dare to believe for something BIG.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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