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Monday Mottoes – #129

pToday is George Washington’s birthday, first president of the United States. In keeping with 18th century living, when everyday people read books, wrote letters and rose early, they engaged in thoughtful conversations and even more thoughtful opinions and views. Rather than seek to be entertained, they sought to make something of themselves in order to benefit humanity around them.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“It is the peculiar boast of our country, that her happiness is alone pdependent on the collective wisdom and virtue of her citizens, and rests not on the exertions of any individual.” ~George Washington

The surveyor, plantation owner, inventor, military general and president always gave credit to others and responded humbly when congratulated on any success. He felt that the efforts of the whole were to be acknowledged. After all, one can lead only when there are willing followers.

As America faces yet another election year, we can only hope and pray for such greatness to again be found in our leaders.

georgewashingtonWashington was a reluctant leader, one who wished to retire to his farm time and again. Today, that would never work. Reluctant leaders have been replaced by those who pursue political office with great enthusiasm, yet I am not sure that eager interest qualifies one to any greater extent.

However, George Washington’s words come to us across the pcenturies, that developing the strong moral character and wisdom of our citizens can only better the entire country. In nations with free elections, our leaders are truly representative reflections of the general populace.

As never before, we need wisdom and virtue, the moral strength to take America where we need to go as a nation.


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