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Monday Mottoes – #133

girl_at_funeralFour people in one week. Four lives. Four families turned upside-down. As a friend, I try to reach out, give a hug, make a meal, send a card or e-mail, offer a word of encouragement. They are gone, suddenly, all four a surprise. Depending on your theology, they are either gone for good, or yet live in another dimension and realm and we will see them again.

But it’s still hard, not for them, for us, for those left behind. For those who feel the loss. For those who understand that things will be different. Despite the sorrow, we discover rays of hope emerging in these most difficult of times.

Which brings us to today’s moving motto:

“Every story has an ending. But in life, every ending is a new beginning….” (Unknown)Every-Story-Has-An-End-But-Just-A-New-Beginning-CUT-IT-OUT-Wall-Stickers-Art-Decals-blue_grande

Each of the families had a sense of newness, of changes, of moving on. They had the strength and resilience to move forward despite the grief. These were not young people, yet in the case of three of them, they were not elderly, either. Those three had experienced struggles and health issues, so it was not an entire surprise, however unexpected. And their families were able to accept the sad reality.

thAll of us have situations in our life that we have to accept. Other circumstances exist that we need to change. May we know the difference and act on it today.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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