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Monday Mottoes – #134

roosterThere’s something about rising early. Not, of course, if you’ve stayed up late the night before. Also, not if you’ve stayed up for days on end. But in general, I don’t believe we should be lying in bed all day. Take a nap later on if you must, just get up, preferably, early in the a.m.

My mom did something fun with me when I was in high school. Every once in a while, she and I would get up, leave the house on a Wednesday morning around 5:00 a.m., head to a farmer’s market, browse the jams, brownies and gift items, before returning home and going off to a normal day of work and school. It gave me a little edge, just to know I had a whole mini-excursion before most of the rest of the world had even gotten out of bed.Getty

Which brings us to today’s motto:
“Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.” ~ J. Paul Getty

We all know that one doesn’t always strike oil on the first try. Which makes it imperative to get up early enough to allow for multiple attempts, or to work through glitches, or to try, try again. If there’s hard work ahead of us, it’s only common sense to get up and have a go at it, the earlier the better.

You might just strike oil earlier than imagined.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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