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Monday Mottoes – #135

thHello, I’m back. Wish I could say I took a snooze, but you know how that is! Hope that all is well with you.

So we’re back to Monday and believing that another outstanding, power-packed week stretches before us. It always amazes me, how very similar circumstances or situations can face two people: one rises to the occasion and overcomes, the other shrinks back and is sunk.

When adversity or challenges face us, we must harness all of the strength we have… and forge on. Even if we don’t feel like it. Even if we don’t know where to turn. Start asking, seeking, knocking and the door will be opened. Which brings us to today’s quote:florence

“I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.” ~Florence Nightingale

Coming from the founder of modern nursing, one who took many unconventional turns, leaving her privileged upbringing to care for the sick and dying in the Crimean War and after, this quote carries much meaning. I often apply it to my own life: how many outside or self-imposed excuses hold me back? What do I truly wish to accomplish?

no-excusesOftentimes, those who achieve great things refuse to place limits upon themselves. They live a life of no excuse. Easier said than done, it’s still a worthy and stimulating thought….

Back to special ed tomorrow.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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