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Monday Mottoes – #136

Thomas_Edison_1931Thomas Edison has captured my attention of late. To me, he seems such a model of inspiration, of perseverance and of creativity. Unless you have contact with some start-ups or immigrants, this is not necessarily the kind of mindset that one often sees today.

It simply strikes me as commonsense: if you keep trying, you’ll end up with something, sometime, somehow. But people either don’t even attempt the challenging, much less the difficult or the “impossible”… or they do… and then they give up after awhile.

Edison, known for hard work and that winning combination of inspiration and perspiration, achieved remarkable things. He did not allow his job nor lack of education to hold him back. He read and read and read, educating edison_light_largehimself in matters of interest to him. Such a strong drive and lack of excuse is rarely encountered in modern times.

There may be certain industries and segments of the population among whom energetic enthusiasm is more prevalent. Beyond that, boredom and a certain blasé demeanor rule in so many offices, families and schools. We need to recapture our joie de vivre which frequently results from an optimism found deep within.

edWhich brings us to today’s motto:

”When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

There’s still hope. You have options and ideas. You’re not at the end of the rope. Swing that thing like a world-class trapeze artist and grab the next rope coming your way.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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