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Monday Mottoes – #141

happiness-is-a-choiceAre you a responsible person? By that, I don’t mean do you pay your bills on time, do you file your taxes, put in a full day’s work, tell the truth, etc.? Instead, let’s focus for a moment on this: do you take responsibility for who you are and the feelings you create around you?

There’s no reason to blame-shift and accuse others for your pain, your failures, your frustrations. That’s a time-waster, that’s energy expended that could go toward making your existence more exciting and enjoyable. It creates drama and tries to deflect attention, perhaps due to a fear that you are at the root of your of happinessproblems.

We’ve all known coworkers and family members who are, in essence, bullies. Either they call the shots or everyone else suffers. They dismiss all others, ignore their wishes, and trample on their sensibilities, all the while announcing loud and clear how justified they are in the egregious behavior.

What is often the case is the fact that they are jealous or resentful, or feel that happiness-quotesthey don’t measure up. So by putting down others, they get the sense of being powerful when they are anything but.

Isn’t there a better way? Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Life is what you make it and I choose to make mine a happy one, full of fun and laughter and you are more than welcome to join me.” ~Nishan Panwar

It boils down to simple consideration. Choosing to pursue peace and happiness, while thinking of others’ sensitivities and respecting them. Human compassion and understanding… even when pressed for time… even when emotions are involved… even when opposite viewpoints are espoused. It’s really not that hard. It’s the responsible thing to do for your own benefit, as well as those around you.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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