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Monday Mottoes – #144

archaeology_siteIn search of a remote archaeological site, we understood that there were no paths to follow. Welcome signs and labelling of what-was-what would be forthcoming several years down the line. It was a newer site, one that nobody could quite comprehend on their own.

So we went.

Past this community, in the midst of heavy road construction, before the junction, take a turn that’s not meant for cars. Those kinds of directions could apply to most anything…. Yet we gave it our best shot… going off-road… in a rental car….

The path grew more washboard-like, narrower, the hump in the middle of the road higher, scraping the bottom of rut_road_2the car. Not good. Big rocks and sharp stones. What if we got a flat? On we pressed to the top of the hill, against my better judgment. Still no sign of the excavation. Deer darted everywhere, looking surprised that we would chance such an excursion in “their” territory.

At long last, we reluctantly gave up. It might have had something to do with not sleeping for days on end in our travels and temperatures approaching 116 degrees F. But for the next few days, I still glanced at Google maps and wistfully wondered if we could somehow find it….

pathWhich leads us to today’s motto:
“There are no footsteps to follow on your own path.”

We all know that life is occasionally a minefield and we need to walk in another’s steps, someone who has gone before us. However, there are times when we can strike out on our own to new fields and we have to be willing to go where no one has gone before.

Even if we get lost. Even if we’ll have to try again. At least we’ll know it’s out there….


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