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Monday Mottoes – #145

readI’ve never been known as a speed reader. Surprising because my undergrad degree was in history and the amount of reading required is over-the-top. Same with my grad degrees and professional life. Non-stop reading and keeping up-to-date. I thought of taking a speed-reading course… that we already possess… but I’m too busy, lol.

Does that make sense?

Might need to check back into that, along with some others in this household….passport

Travel has been likened to reading, which leads us to today’s motto:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Apparently, I am a speed-reader when it comes to travel-! It’s amazing what you can fit into 22-hour days when you try. But I guess I would rather skim a book and benefit from it, than never crack it in the first place. Most of my travel is for business, the kind of speed-here-to-rush-there kind of existence which allows very little time for sitting in a cafe and staring at the world going by.

travelHowever, there’s nothing wrong with being the one whom others watch….

I catch my “foreign fixes” when doing business in an international setting, or staying in an apartment which imparts more of the local flavor than residing with other internationals in a local hotel, or grocery shopping for the morning yogurt, fruit and water for the next week. I blend in, learning the lingo for “Cash?” or “Credit?” at the cash register.

To me, this is what travel, and life, is all about. Not just being an observer, but able to change and adapt (somewhat) ourselves. Today, vow to become someone worth watching.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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