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Monday Mottoes – #149

gardenMy husband recently likened raising children to growing a garden. Unless we weed it, feed it and water it, it won’t grow. Same with kids: let them do anything they want and you won’t get much good fruit.

That is not a popular view these days, it seems. Walk into any public space— a store, a restaurant, a movie theatre— and you’re likely to encounter a child out of control. Nothing new about that. What’s new is the inability of parents to step in and take charge.

Whisk the child up and out. Take them someplace quiet and private— a remote corner inside, or go outside, or to the car. Speak calmly and help the child regain composure.

The same with helping children to obey. That seems like a dirty word, nowadays, like we’re putting undue expectations badbehavioron a child.  Old school, old world values.  Fact is, you need some kind of rules in order to elicit some kind of obedience. Without rules or expectations, how will a young person grow up to do meaningful work?

Yet, many parents seem unwilling to set any bar whatsoever. Which bring us to today’s motto:

“You have to discipline your children, or they won’t respect you, law enforcement or God or anyone else.” ~ Phil Robertson

war-on-copsWon’t respect you, law enforcement, or God. Thank you, Duck Dynasty man. Good word.

In this day when law enforcement is attacked and treated reprehensibly, we have to wonder where these young people received their non-education in life. Blue lives matter. They are there to help protect all of us.

Do something nice for a police officer today.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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