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Monday Mottoes – #16

thToday, we’re taking a look at the missing link, whether it’s success in academics, or business, or relationships.  This is the key that’s going to make much of it really work and really mesh, but is unknown by many.  As a famous multi-tasker myself, I find myself preaching to the choir.

Which brings us to today’s motto penned by “Unknown”:  “If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

It’s focus, plain and simple.  Choose something, and go after it.  Stop with the rabbit trails and the maybe-this, maybe-that.  Be committed and accomplish something.

If it turns out to be the wrong thing for you, you’ll figure it out.  Then pick-just-one-and-get-it-doneyou can change and jump ship.  Only then.

But no more jumping ship mid-stream.  No more going halfway and then turning around.  Stop starting over again and again.

Stick with one thing and do it.  Do it well.  Do it energetically and wholeheartedly.

Focus, and take a significant step forward today.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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