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Monday Mottoes – #163

kindnessI tend to live a fairly serious life, so when something makes me smile, I tend to remember it. Breaks up the monotony of fighting world hunger and nuclear arms proliferation….

Going out for a coffee with my sweetie (that would be an at-least-we’re-trying pseudo-date for two extremely busy people), I pass this sign on my way to meet him. Written on a blackboard, it’s not pre-packaged, but there is obviously some effort expended to come up with a possibly-daily saying scrawled for all the world to see:kindness-confetti

“Throw kindness around like confetti.” ~Anonymous

I like that. Be extravagant with your kindness, instead of guarded and tight-fisted.

The world could use more kindness.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m speaking with my friends who are opening their homes to singles, international students and the elderly on their own.

“I have room for eleven,” says one.

“Nine places here,” reports another.

We are coordinating ourselves to care, to reach out, to make a welcoming time out of what might be a lonely day. I am so proud of them.

kindness2The confetti is flying. It’s like a ticker-tape parade cascading from skyscrapers. You are the hero being celebrated every time you show kindness.

Just because.

Maybe you’ve come through a trying time, God has been good to you and you want to pass it on. Beautiful. A sentiment worth celebrating.

Kindness. So simple, yet so profound. Toss some around today.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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